CLASSIQU’ARTS SD&G 150’s exceptional character will stimulate the conversation towards the arts and instill within the community a new sense of pride for the hometown artists originating from SD&G and Eastern Ontario. It will be a catalytic, one-time event that will encourage artists to collaborate outside of their normal artistic communities. It will make the arts accessible to a broad public, while presenting the finest local and internationally renowned performers.

In SD&G, the predominant disciplines are visual arts, music and dance. Although there are many different genres and individual events involving these disciplines, this will be the only classical music event scheduled in SD&G for this summer, fully celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. In order to reflect the artistic grandeur of the event, the choice of the location was crucial. This divine historic St. Raphael’s Ruins setting is ideally located in the rural landscape of Glengarry County. This sacred venue powerfully engages the minds of all who see it, evoking the history of the church while preserving the heritage of those intrepid settlers.

This event will also spotlight on young up-and-coming future musical stars and dancers. This will be a gratifying experience for the audience because classical music is not normally accessible in the rural parts of SD&G. This concert will be a remarkable opportunity for new talents to perform and demonstrate their talents in front of the public eye. For the young musicians of the area, it will be a dream come true to be participating in an orchestra led by such prestigious musicians. This exquisite presentation will encourage and inspire our future generations to contribute their unique abilities to the cultural thread of SD&G, Eastern Ontario, as well as celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada and 150 years of the evolution of arts culture. This noteworthy event will stimulate the economy of the area while boosting the visibility of the arts. It will be the most sought out musical event in Eastern Ontario and is as yet the only classical event scheduled in SD&G during the entire summer of 2017.