2019 Programming

Classiqu’Arts Productions SDG has been extremely busy preparing THREE concerts for its third season.  Two concerts will be presented at the “cocathédrale de La Nativité” in Cornwall and  our third beautiful afternoon concert at the St. Raphael’s Ruins.

Join us  for Classiqu’Arts 2019: InSpirations, Without Bordersand Meditation of Summer concerts.

On Saturday, June 22ndat the “cocathédrale de La Nativité”, InSpirations Ensemble will perform selections with unique sounds and interpretations combining classical, jazz, world music and contemporary musical techniques.

On Saturday August 17th, at “La Nativité”, Without Borders presents the interactive and world-music group KLEZTORY,as well as unique and delicate performances by Aboriginal composer and performer, Barbara Croall, both accompanied by the much appreciated Classiqu’Arts String Orchestra. Explore and celebrate with us the cross-cultural influences that have pervaded classical music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.

For our third concert during the afternoon of August 18th, we invite you to bring your lawn chair to the breath-taking St. Raphael’s Ruins for our of Meditations of Summer concert that will again feature Aboriginal composer and flautist, Barbara Croall. This concert will also include performances by other world-renowned musicians as well as our very own local performers.