CLASSIQU’ARTS SD&G’s exceptional character stimulates the conversation towards the arts and instills within the community a new sense of pride for the hometown artists originating from SD&G (Stormont Dundas & Glengarry counties) and Eastern Ontario. We encourage artists to collaborate outside of their normal artistic communities. It makes the arts accessible to a broad public, while presenting the finest local and internationally renowned performers.

In SD&G, the predominant disciplines are visual arts music and dance. Although there are many different genres and individual events involving these disciplines, this is typically the only classical music event scheduled in SD&G during the month of August. In order to reflect the artistic grandeur of these events, the divine historic St. Raphael’s Ruins setting is ideally located in the rural landscape of Glengarry County. This sacred venue powerfully engages the minds of all who see it, evoking the history of the church while preserving the heritage of those intrepid settlers.

Classiqu’Arts spotlights young up-and-coming future musical stars and dancers. Ours’ will be a gratifying experiences for the audience because classical music is not normally accessible in the rural parts of SD&G. Our concerts will be a remarkable opportunity for new talents to perform and demonstrate their talents in front of the public eye. For the young musicians of the area, it will be a dream come true to be participating in events led by such prestigious musicians. Our exquisite presentations will encourage and inspire future generations to contribute their unique abilities to the cultural thread of SD&G, Eastern Ontario, as well as celebrate the evolution of arts culture. Our events will stimulate the economy of the area while boosting the visibility of the arts. As a result of our past successes, Classiqu’Arts’ future presentations will be the most sought out classical music events in Eastern Ontario.

Production Team

Danielle Vaillancourt


Danielle’s passion not only lies in singing and performing but also in giving back to the community, by cultivating and building special events.  Throughout her undergraduate studies and masters in vocal performance, she has contributed her talent and gained experience through osmosis on how to build artistic events.   This interest and passion brought her to the HEC « Hautes Études Commerciales » in Montreal to complete a specialized diploma in arts administration.  Until recently, she had been employed at the « Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal » in the finance department as a fundraising agent for the youth and education programs while also working in the customer service and box office departments. As an intern, she was involved in the sponsorship department responsible with the planning and organization of the Classical Music Spree Festival in 2016.   Danielle is very passionate about building events that bring communities together.  Experienced through many years of singing and connecting with different audiences, Danielle’s vision in creating Classiqu’Arts SDG 150 is to enable the Glengarry County community to share in the appreciation of the tremendous Canadian talent that resides in Eastern Ontario and in the rest of Canada.

Thérèse is the perfect choice as artistic director for the Classiqu’Arts SDG 150 production team. Her educational and performance backgrounds have given her the expertise required to meet the huge challenges that this festival demands. Her internationally recognized skills as an adjudicator, organizer and teacher have inspired her to select the ideal programming for this event. Her motto is: « Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm » (Emerson). She is presently the owner/operator of the Riverdale School of Music which has been in operation since the mid 1960s. Classiqu’Arts SDG Productions is indeed extremely fortunate in having such a talented musician on its team.

Thérèse Motard

Artistic director

Jean-Roland Tremblay

Responsible for technical coordination

Jean-Roland brings proven organizational skill, as a result of nearly 40 years as a teacher, school administrator and university professor. He has always demonstrated tenacious support of the Arts in all its forms, as well striving for fair treatment and recognition for all individuals practicing their art. Jean-Roland was a founding member of the Rosemonde Laberge Music Foundation. He has chaired and sat on numerous boards. He is presently a director of Your Arts Council, the CEO of Swan Records Ltd., Chief Administrator of the Riverdale School of Music and Director of Classiqu’Arts Productions SD&G.

Bernadette Clément

Co-host / historian

Bernadette Clément was born in Montreal, where her parents and brother, sister, nieces and nephews still live. Her mother grew up in Manitoba and her father in Trinidad. Her grandfather was a wheat farmer in Saskatchewan. She is thoroughly bilingual.

She attended law school at the University of Ottawa and articled at a law firm in Ottawa. However, when a job became available with the Legal Clinic in Cornwall, she packed up and moved to Cornwall and never looked back!  She’s been a lawyer with the Legal Clinic in Cornwall for the last 26 years and also serves as Deputy-Director of the Legal Clinic.

She has also taught a law course for several semesters on Ethics and Legalities, as part-time faculty member with St. Lawrence College.

She is a Board Member of the

  • Counselling and Support Services Agency
  • Kinsmen Community Residence

and is President of the Board of Baldwin House.  She was elected to the City of Cornwall Council in November of 2006, re-elected in 2010 and again in 2014, leading the polls on all three occasions.

As a City Councillor, she is a member of numerous committees, in particular the  Committee overseeing the joint transfer of Federal waterfront properties to the City of Cornwall and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.

Bernadette has always been a lover and supporter of the Arts. We are truly proud to welcome such a dynamic member to our team

Duff was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario and graduated from CCVS Secondary School and St Lawrence College.  He joined the RCAF in 1979, and during his career as a fighter pilot, he flew missions over Europe, the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Canada’s high Arctic and the North Atlantic.  He commanded 416 Tactical Fighter Squadron, 4 Wing and Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, Alberta and NATO forces during combat operations in Afghanistan.  In October 2014, Duff was appointed to the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada.  Duff currently serves as an Associate and Senior Counsel with David Pratt and Associates in Ottawa.

Charles S. “Duff” Sullivan

Co-host / historian