Classiqu’Arts Productions SD&G is pleased to inform you that Rosemonde Laberge Music Foundation has created a special account in order to help us cover some of the costs associated to our future productions in St. Raphael’s. Your minimum $50.00 donation ($50 minimum to get a receipt) or more, will be set aside for us. You will however be receiving your tax deductible receipt from the Rosemonde Laberge Music Foundation By clicking on Donate on the bottom of this page, you will be directed to the PayPal site. In order for Laberge Music Foundation to issue a receipt, it is very important that you provide all of the necessary information. The Classiqu’Arts SD&G production team is very grateful to you for your generous donation.

Patron Levels

1- Ovation Level: $1,000 plus

2- Encore Level: $500 plus

3- Bravo Level: $250 plus

4- Applause Level: $100 plus

All levels entitle the patron to the following:
  • Name printed inside concert program,
  • Income tax deductible receipt for donation exceeding $50
  • Subscription to Classiqu’Arts SD&G newsletter
  • Exclusive access to advance ticket sales