Be a Volunteer

Millions of generous Canadians help others every year. Are you one of these individuals? Volunteers devote their time, energy and skills to make our communities better and contribute to the success of important events. The rewards of volunteering are many. As a volunteer for Classiqu’Arts SD&G Productions, you will enjoy the artistic experience, the friendships and the opportunity to be an important contributing factor to the success of highly professional events.

How can you contribute?:

  1. Assist at concerts and special events with front-of-house and backstage activities.
  2. Assist the artists and technical teams on site, pre and post concert setups.
  3. Provide housing for artists and technical crew members.
  4. Provide transportation for artists and technical crew members.
  5. Share and foster e-mail and personal contacts with corporate and foundation donors.
  6. Collect silent auction or raffle items.
  7. Assist with catering, meal setup, beverage serving at fundraisers or at special events.
  8. Donate your time and professional expertise (secretarial, advertising, marketing, law, accounting, music librarian, technical and fundraising).

For more information on how you can be a part of a winning organization, email us